Monday, November 11, 2013

VALLEY OF THE DOOMED - Dance Sequence - Chelo Alonso

Dance number from VALLEY OF THE DOOMED with a near-nude Chelo Alonso. One of those Italian Western hybrids (it's a period piece set in Europe but almost entirely in the rugged mountains) which feels more like a PEPLUM film than a Spaghetti Western. The non-dancers are Don Megowan (who's often shirtless in the film) and veteran genre actor Ivo Garrani.


orsh549 said...

This movie is a period piece about building a railroad in I think Austria, as you said it is more Peplum then Western. I don't consider it a western and the music is more Pep than anything. 19th Century action movie sort of like White Warrior with a twist. I saw this a very long time ago and even forgot about it. Thanks for jogging my memory and now I would love to find a copy of it.

PEPLUM Cinema said...

I'll probably upload it on Youtube :-)