Friday, July 19, 2013

30 Greatest Moments of PEPLUM Cinema: #6 - 'Battle of Marathon' from THE GIANT OF MARATHON

Counting down the top ten and this scene stands at #6 on the list.

This is number 6 not necessarily for the direction or the pacing (it's serviceable) but for the sheer scale of it all. It's one of the biggest battles in any PEPLUM films. The underwater sequences, with the army of men battling it out or getting killed under water, are great. And we also get to see Steve Reeves' massive legs in this when he rescues Andromeda, who's bound to the ship's bow, which is an iconic PEPLUM image. The sight of the Greek men wearing only white wraps is also iconic.

With Steve Reeves, Mylène Demongeot, Alan Steel, Alberto Lupo and Sergio Fantoni. Directed by Jacques Tourneur.

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