Monday, July 22, 2013

30 Greatest Moments of PEPLUM Cinema: #5 - 'Feat of Strength' from HERCULES AGAINST THE MOON MEN

Counting down the top five and this scene stands at #5 on the list.

One of the best 'feat of strength' from any PEPLUM film. It's a stand-out PEPLUM moment which also includes the 'Wheel of Weaklings' cliché.

With Alan Steel, Anna Maria Polani and Jany Clair. Directed by Giacomo Gentilomo.


orsh549 said...

I was watching this movie on Friday and thought to myself that maybe this scene would make the top 5. Thanks, I guessed right!! Fun movie especially in widescreen. I think I know which scene is going to be #1, but I will wait till Friday. All your choices to date are excellent.

gpm said...

Número uno must br SR, surely. And, tell thr truth, what haven't we ween yet? But I may prove wrong.


PEPLUM Cinema said...

#1 is not Steve Reeves even though he has two in the top 5.

gpm said...

OK. It will be interesting to see what the criterion is.


Steven Lester said...

I think I know what will be number one: a scene that will last a little longer than 8 minutes, if I'm right. For me, though, right now, this scene would have been number two. It's one of those where the hero is just about to give up, and would have lost for the first time in his life, had the rope not broken, or had been just a bit thicker.