Friday, July 5, 2013

30 Greatest Moments of PEPLUM Cinema: #16 - 'Hercules vs Antaeus' from HERCULES THE AVENGER

This scene stands at #16 on the list.

There's no denying that HERCULES THE AVENGER is a Frankenfilm: a collection of scenes from other PEPLUM films edited together with new original scenes. And part of those new scenes is this  fight between Hercules and Antaeus at the end which is a great fight and elevates the entire film immensely.

Antaeus is played by Giovanni Cianfriglia, who's usually the stuntman of stars (see THE LION OF THEBES scene I uploaded this week) and he was Steve Reeves' main stuntman/body double. In this film he finally has a starring role and he's great in it. A real vicious kick-ass villain.

I created a new permanent page which will list all the scenes.

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Steven Lester said...

It is a sad scene, in its way, with the mother's anxiousness for the life of her son. What did Antaes do that made Hercules so angry and murderous? Another great battle, of course, is in Hercules Unchained. Were there two of those giants, Hercules would have been killed, without doubt.