Monday, May 13, 2013

You're not a boy but a girl! cliché - Mark Forest - Brad Harris

Here's the ever popular PEPLUM cliché of our Hero discovering that what he thought was a boy is actually a girl. Subtext galore!


scott ochiltree said...

Thanks - most enjoyable compilation. I cannot think of any that you have missed.

Too bad that The Mighty Crusaders is not available in better video quality. The Slave of Rome looks good. If you have it I suggest showing it next Saturday evening.

PEPLUM cinema said...

I didn't include several in the compilation because of copyright issues. The best is the one in THE GOLDEN BLADE with Rock Hudson and Piper Laurie.

scott ochiltree said...

Yes, I remembered The Golden Blade after posting my comment.

Also, The Adventures of Hajji Baba has the spoiled princess dressing up as a man to escape from the palace. Naturally Hajji is not fooled for very long.

gpm said...

Maybe doesn't count as a peplum, but how about The Black Rose?


P.S. I would think something like this would count as "fair use" for copyright purposes.

scott ochiltree said...

Keira Knightly in The Princess of Thieves is another title that fits this category.

Although I have never seen it, I believe that a fairly recent remake of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea also has a cross-dressing young woman.