Monday, April 29, 2013

CLASH OF STEEL - Preview - Kirk Morris - Gianna Maria Canale

Clip from Le Chevalier de Pardaillan known as CLASH OF STEEL under its English title.

It's the first and only film with Kirk Morris and Gianna Maria Canale together. Unfortunately, they don't have a scene together which is ashamed. A missed opportunity.

Kirk plays a character named Samson and he's a strongman in some theatrical troupe. Not a big stretch. Kirk's voice is dubbed by a French voice actor.

As for Gianna that's her real voice. She speaks French with a massive Italian accent. Sometimes it's intelligible. Sometimes I can't understand what she's saying. I love it but I doubt audiences loved it.

A fun film with loads of action.

(Dailymotion removed the restriction on the Steve Reeves clip I uploaded so I'm still uploading stuff there)

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Steven Lester said...

Ms. Canale is the most regal of all the peplum actresses, I think. What a natural aristocrat she is. And I think this movie is the only one shows Kirk with a shadow of a beard. (of course, there is the one with samson where he wears a beard, but otherwise.)