Thursday, January 12, 2012


The ever present PEPLUM Cliché:

Someone, usually a leader or villain, who loses their temper and screams and starts abusing the staff or simply tells them to leave, with a wave of a hand or by yelling at them, when in a good or bad mood, exercising their power over others.

Special mention to Rhonda Fleming who's in 3 clips in this compilation.

I love the one from HERCULES UNCHAINED with Steve Reeves.

And the one with Alan Steel from THE REBEL GLADIATOR is also great.

Get out!


Steven Lester said...

Really nice. Another of your masterful compilations. My favorites scenes were, in no particular order, the sorceress with the long fingernails, Gordon Mitchell having his temper tantrum, that really lovely dancing girl who grabbed the scarf from, I guess, the king, and the best of all was Calligula kicking the stupid toe lady in the head. He was good, wasn't he? Thanks for the excellent entertainment.

S.R.Orsulak said...

A really awesome compilation you've done. You deserve an award for all the masterful things you do with these movies. I was wondering if in the future you will be doing something similar with the many battle sequences ? That would really be interesting.

Irv O. Neil said...

Wow, just discovered your site and I loved this "Temper Temper" compilation. I found your site when I Googled Chelo Alonso and saw the picture you posted of her in 2011.

I look forward to reading more!

Steven Lester said...

Forgive me. It was Nero who kicked that lady in the head, wasn't it? My bad.

PEPLUM cinema said...

Steven, yeah the Gordon Mitchell scene is great.

SR Orsulak, thanks so much. I wish I could win awards but BY THE GODS it's not meant to be. I'm not making any money from this, so it's all in good fun and love of the genre but also to show to people what they're missing by dismissing the genre. If I converted one person into a PEPLUM fan then I've done my job.

Irv, glad you're here and make sure to check out my 3 PEPLUM channels and also live TV broadcast of PEPLUM films on PEPLUM TV (all links are on the left column).