Friday, September 23, 2011


Video that compares the two versions of GOLIATH AND THE DRAGON, which was released as THE VENGEANCE OF HERCULES in Europe. The Spanish dub is the one I use here to compare with the US dub.

In the original version, there's no dragon at all. And it was re-edited for the US market. This comparison shows the differences between the two. The dragon is so goofy that it's cool to watch the same film without it. But I sorta understand the idea behind it. This film is sorta a bit too grown-up for kids to enjoy so by adding scenes with a dragon made the movie more kids friendly.

The US version is a bit faster (as they cut a lot of scenes here and there) but the original seems to be more cohesive and less confusing which is saying a LOT for this film because even though I've seen it a dozen of times I still can't figure out what's going on.

I have to say that I LOVE the moment when the hand of the statue moves across its face. That scene shouldn't have been cut at all.

I'll upload the Spanish version on my channel and I'm thinking of doing an English Fan Dub of this one as well, which would be cool to watch.


S.R.Orsulak said...

I remember reading on a site that this movie ran into difficulties with it's production and was rescued by AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL. Do you think that maybe is the reason for the changes made for the US Market? The sound track used by AIP was used by them in all Goliath Movies. I seem to like the EURO version from the parts you showed and I am looking forward to watching it.

Steven Lester said...

The smoothness of the European version was totally apparent. The main bad thing about this film was that Hercules never really had to strain at all during any of his strength demonstrations. I guess his muscles never met their match, which would have cool to see. Mark had to strain during his later films and that lent realism to all of his efforts.

PEPLUM cinema said...

I've never heard that the film had production problems which might be true (looking at the film) but I did read that the film wasn't kid's friendly enough and AIP wanted to have a selling point and the dragon was just that. The soundtrack is interesting in that this is a HERCULES movie so the Goliath theme heard in GOLIATH AGAINST THE BARBARIANS wouldn't have been used but when AIP got ahold of it, retitled to Goliath and then they could re-use the Goliath theme for this one and for all other subsequent films AIP released as Goliath, even if the original Italian version wasn't Goliath, like GOLIATH AND THE SINS OF BABYLON which is a Maciste movie.

Yes, the Euro version is much smoother. There are too many little cuts here and there in the AIP and I agree that the labours in this film are minor compared to other Hercules films.